Well hello there! Come on in, make yourself at home. Take off your shoes if you want. Can I get you a drink?


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This place sort of kicks ass, and close to home too!IMG_0137 IMG_0140 IMG_0146 IMG_0148 IMG_0156 IMG_0163 IMG_0167 IMG_0171 IMG_0175

A Million Billion Dying Suns “Hey Man” Day 4

I did some behind the scenes on set photography with French Press Films, on the music video for “A Million Billion Dying Suns” entitled “Hey Man”.

On night 4 , we got rained out of our roof top set, because it was a lake, so we shot in Andrews backyard instead. It was a mudpit, that got dragged all through Andrews house. I probably should have taken a picture.

Feel free to use your own photo for non-commercial purposes long as you credit Riki Feldmann.

Llano Del Rio-Is happiness a state of mind or dependent upon affluent material conditions? Llano Del Rio was designed by a feminist for a communist (Named Job), and included many modern “feminist features” such as kitchen-less homes, communal childcare, and built in furniture, all designed to reduce the amount of domestic work done by women. Within the circular city plan, were designs for underground tunnels to deliver food to the families, but these and other plans were never actuated due to lack of funding. Workers initially were payed a good wage, but as the colony grew, the wage system was abandoned and workers needs were taken care of instead of paying them outright. It grew from five families to a thousand people from 1913 to 1917. In 1917, the colony relocated with their once Vice President of the United States and Los Angeles Mayor hopeful Job Harriman, to Stables Louisiana, called it New Llano, and stayed there, and became Americas last and oldest socialist colony ever. Many of their values once considered subversive, are now considered standards of American life, like the 8 hour workday, minimum wage and social security. Is happiness a state of mind or dependent upon affluent material conditions? Read more here : http://media.lpb.org/images/pdf/AmericanUtopia_LlanodelRioCooperativeColony.pdf (read it! Fascinating letters and period photos!) These images were shot on a cloudy night, with a combination of available light and flashlight, with exposure times ranging from 1 to 4 minutes. I primarily shot what was left of the assembly hall.

Four Aces

Four Aces is a movie rental set in the Mojave. On the last night of a three night trip, we went to three locations, and I really enjoyed this place.  Not as cold as it had been in some of our previous locations, i was having a great shoot there. As I was setting up for one of my last shots at this spot, I opened the legs of my tripod,and it  ripped right off, cutting my time there short. Luckily I was able to borrow a friends for the next location! Please enjoy these pictures, maybe take a moment to imagine your self  on a lonely desert road in the middle of the night, the wind cutting through your jeans, clouds streaking by at a breakneck pace, and the very occasional car rumbling by, showing the passage of time and reminding you that its a long lonely road.

Foxtails Brigade C.D. release and Fashion show.

I shot the Foxtails Brigade C.D. release and fashion show, Which also included Chris Garcia as M.C. and Brent Weinbach with a comedy set.  I also became acquainted with the music of Rachel Fannan and Nicky Weinbach, and not to be forgotten, there was also a roving boutique by Deer Rabbit. I shot tons of stuff, and here’s my 50-ish favorites!