photo booth

Foxtails Brigade C.D. release and Fashion show.

I shot the Foxtails Brigade C.D. release and fashion show, Which also included Chris Garcia as M.C. and Brent Weinbach with a comedy set.  I also became acquainted with the music of Rachel Fannan and Nicky Weinbach, and not to be forgotten, there was also a roving boutique by Deer Rabbit. I shot tons of stuff, and here’s my 50-ish favorites!


deer rabbit Photo Booth

I set up a photo booth at the Foxtails Brigade / Judgment Day show on Friday, December 12th 2010, at a venue in Oakland which shall remain un-named. It was an incredible night! amazing music and scenery.  Kaitlyn McSweeny designed the stage in collaboration with deer Rabbit (a roving boutique with stylings by I-Ting Shen and  Peggy Friar), and deer Rabbit  supplied some outfits and accessories for the photobooth and the stage show!


I had soooo much fun, and everything looked totally decadent!


Feel free to use you own image for non-commercial purposes, but of course, as always, please credit : Riki Feldmann