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This place sort of kicks ass, and close to home too!IMG_0137 IMG_0140 IMG_0146 IMG_0148 IMG_0156 IMG_0163 IMG_0167 IMG_0171 IMG_0175

A Million Billion Dying Suns “Hey Man” Day 4

I did some behind the scenes on set photography with French Press Films, on the music video for “A Million Billion Dying Suns” entitled “Hey Man”.

On night 4 , we got rained out of our roof top set, because it was a lake, so we shot in Andrews backyard instead. It was a mudpit, that got dragged all through Andrews house. I probably should have taken a picture.

Feel free to use your own photo for non-commercial purposes long as you credit Riki Feldmann.

Four Aces

Four Aces is a movie rental set in the Mojave. On the last night of a three night trip, we went to three locations, and I really enjoyed this place.  Not as cold as it had been in some of our previous locations, i was having a great shoot there. As I was setting up for one of my last shots at this spot, I opened the legs of my tripod,and it  ripped right off, cutting my time there short. Luckily I was able to borrow a friends for the next location! Please enjoy these pictures, maybe take a moment to imagine your self  on a lonely desert road in the middle of the night, the wind cutting through your jeans, clouds streaking by at a breakneck pace, and the very occasional car rumbling by, showing the passage of time and reminding you that its a long lonely road.